ECP Insurance Brokers Limited offers excellent Insurance Broking and Risk Management services to the highest available international standards. We pay special attention to the prompt and efficient settlement of claims, which is an indication of our desire to satisfy our clients’ needs.

The unrivalled experience of our Management staff and our network of international partners enable us deliver quality insurance services to a wide range of industries; Commercial, Industrial, Financial, Educational, Government and others that operate within and outside Nigeria.

As professional advisers we assist our clients to:

  • Identify risk exposures
  • Quantify the potential effects of such risk exposures in financial terms.
  • prevent or minimize the effects of such exposures
  • Arrange an insurance program/package that covers the risk at minimum cost.
  • Ensure claims are settled adequately & promptly.
  • Keep abreast of new products in the market and their relevance to our clients’ operation.

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Insurance business, like other businesses, has its peculiarities which
non- insurance professionals may not understand.
As professional interpreters, we translate your needs into the technical language of the industry and provide after-sales service especially where claims require negotiation and satisfactory settlement.